Brian Current: conducted repertoire 2018


Georg Friedrich Haas – In Vain

George Benjamin – At First Light

Pierre Boulez - Le Marteau Sans Maitre

Kaija Saariaho – Graal Theatre

Gerard Grisey - Partiels

Helmut Lachenmann - Mouvements

Fabien Levy: Querwuechsig

Enno Poppe: Salz

Julian Anderson (UK): The Book of Hours for 20 players, synthesizer and live electronics

Luciano Berio – O King

Magnus Lindberg – Marea

Ligeti -Melodien

Witold Lutoslawski – Chain I

Webern - Symphony, op. 21

Varese  - Offrandes

Varese – Deserts

Webern - Two Songs, op.8

Webern - Four Songs, op.13

Akira Nishimura – Chamber Concerto No.3 “Metamorphosis”

Toru Takemitsu – Rain Coming

Philippe Leroux: D’Aller

Philippe Leroux: Continu(ons)

Philippe Leroux: Voi(REX)

Stefan Niculescu:  Ison II

Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire Book II

Boulez - Derives I

Martin Matalon - Trame IV

Unsuk Chin - Acrostic WordPlay

Ligeti - Chamber Concerto

Salvatore Sciarrino -  Esplorazione del bianco II

Martin Matalon - Las Siete Vidas de un Gato

Louis Andriessen - The New Math(s)

Marco Stroppa (Italy):  élet... fogytiglan, dialogo immaginario fra un poeta e un filosofo 

Van der Aa - Here [to be found]

Henri Pousseur -Huitieme Vue sur les jardins interdits (arr. Gonneville)

Philippe Leroux - TotalSOLo (North American premiere)

People / Time Pierre -  Jodlowski (France)

empty music -  Jagoda Szmytka (Poland)

Robin De Raaff (Netherlands) Ennea’s Domein (1996; rev. 1999) for Nine Instruments

Toshio Hosokawa - Garten Lieder

Misato Mochizuki - 4D

Franco Donatoni - Hot

Klaus Huber - Alveare Vernat

Toshio Kosokawa -Im Fruhlingsgarten


Elliott Carter (USA) Asko Concerto

Jonathan Berger – Jiyeh

Eliott Carter – A Mirror On Which to Dwell

Mark Neikrug – Through Roses

Todd Machover   - Another Life

Andrew Norman – Gran Turismo

Karen Tanaka – Wave Mechanics

Steve Reich - Eight Lines

Steven Mackey - DEAL

Martin Bresnick - My Twentieth Century

Kotoka Suzuki -  Dreams and Wandering

Carolyn Chen - ache bind blind break



Claude Vivier – Wo Bist du Licht!

R. Murray Schafer – Hymn to Night

Pierre Michaud - Constadt d’une Métamorphose

Ana Sokolovic  - Geometrie Sentimentale

Geof Holbrooke – Sets and the Senses

Paul Frehner – Lila, for two chamber ensembles

Linda C, Smith – Knotted Silk

Michael Oesterle – assume sometimes

Chris Paul Harman – Amerika

Omar Daniel – Chamber Concerto No.1*

Dean Burry – Pandora’s Locker, an opera in one act*

R. Murray Schafer -Five Studies on Texts by Prudentius

James Rolfe – Squeeze

Andrew Staniland – Yupana*

James Rolfe - raW**

Robert Lemay: Une distance habitée *

Analia Lludgar: Todos los recuerdos presentes envolvían ese sonido y algo me miró

Nicole Lizée – Television

Adam Sherkin – Whirlwave*

Linda Catlin Smith – Gold Leaf*

Michael LaCroix - Velocita astratta*

Vincent Ho - Remnants of a Glass Cathedral

Murray Schafer – Arcana

Claude Vivier – Lonely Child

Christien Ledroit – Trade Winds

Ana Sokolovic- Toke

Lee Pui Ming – She comes to shore

Adam Sherkin – Whirlwave*

So Jeong Ahn – COOL!*

Anna Hostmann - Ghosts of Swallows

Linda Bouchard - Sept Couleurs

Linda C. Smith - Brush Lines

Brian Harman - Sanctuary*

Patrick Saint-Denis - Chronique

Trevor Grahl - Pierement Parade*

Gordon Williamson - Vier Stuckchen

Alexina Louie - Imaginary Opera

Thierry Tidrow - Au fond du cloitre humide**

Nicole Lizee - Music for Body-Without-Organs

Nicole Lizee - Behind the Sound of Music*

Trichy Sankaran - Hamsa*

Brian Harman - Outlands*

Alexina Louie - Winter Music

Andre Ristic - Sublimations

Michel Gonneville - Henricare's Flight*

Nicole Lizee - Colliding Galaxies: Colour and Tones*

James Rolfe - Brand New Music*

Jimmie LeBlanc - Ice*

Chris Paul Harman - Album for the Young*

Andre Ristic - Environments*

Alec Hall - Zoopoetics*

Alice Ho - Strange Luminescence*

Supermarine – Christopher Mayo 

Rebecca Bruton - whast/ warb *

Juro Kim Feliz (Philippines/Canada) - Pangkur *

Evelin Ramon (Cuba/Canada)  Au sommet de ses convulsions, l'homme est prêt à partir*

Bekah Simms - "Everything is...distorted" *

Saman Shahi - Zaagros for solo piano and 15 instruments *

Matthew Ricketts (Canada/USA): Song Cycle (2015)

Ronald Bruce Smith (Canada): Four Movements (2010) for 6 musicians

Alexina Louie – Shattered Night, Shimmering Starts, for Orchestra

Linda Bouchard – Vertige for orchestra

Sammy Moussa – Intermezzo, for orchestra

Pierre Mercure – Kaleidoscope, for orchestra

Christopher Mayo - Strangely Elated*

James O’Callaghan - IF:IFF

Jimmie Leblanc - The Wind Wrests My Words*

Adam Scime - phase - amplique*

Zosha Di Castri - Phonotopographie for 15 instruments

Anna Höstman: Icefolding for large ensemble*

Kati Agocs - Immutable Dreams

Sarah Lu - Time and Money*

Solomiya Moroz - Once I forgot What Distance Sounds Like*

Lieke van der Voort - center, unrestrained*

Nathan Friedman - hacia una Gondola negra/frios reflejos de bronce*

Amy Brandon - Mimic*

Emilie Girard-Charest - Heurts*

Luke Nickel - Dive Deep in Blue, My Sweet*

Nicole Lizee - Marsh Chapel Experiment


* indicates world premiere

** indicates world premiere and Jules Leger prize winner


Brian Current’s works:

For the Time Being, for symphony orchestra

Concertino, for strings and flutes

Faster Still, for violin, string quartet and piano

Quintet, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Inventory, for amplified soprano, 14 instruments and electronics

Strata, for six instruments

SOMA, for large orchestra

Airline Icarus, a chamber opera in one act

Shout Sisyphus Flock, for six instruments **